30 Months of Vlogging

Sharing my 30 months journey of vlogging

I started my first YouTube Channel during November 2017. Currently I have 3 YouTube Channels, growing moderatly.
In this video, I am sharing my experiences posting videos regularly.

Why should you start a YouTube Channel?

Why start a channel?

  1. Passion

  2. Something to share like skill, knowledge

Why should you start a Youtube Channel?

  • Passion to connect

  • Share information / Knowledge / Tutorials

  • Sell a product

  • Entertain

Two ways to take the channel

  1. Connect sharing personal information,

  2. Keep very professional , talk to the point and finish

Current trend

  • Entertainment

  • Getting personal

  • Trolling / Roasting / Response

  • Trending topics

  • Short Stories

Why should you not start a YouTube channel?

If you are just looking to make some quick money, then you should not start a youtube channel

  1. Youtube Partner Program

  2. CPM

  3. Languages

  4. Content topic

  5. Sponsorships

  6. Paid Reviews

  7. Free products from review

  8. Affiliate Programs - Amazon / Flipkart

Getting views / subscribers

  • Paid traffic

  • Organic traffic

Some tips

Great Thumbnails

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