Jithu Malayalam

Let's start, Introduce your channel?

Hi my name is Kishore Asokan, I have two channels on Youtube. The first one is called Travel Food and Destinations and the other one is called Kishore Vlogs.

The first one is fully focused on documenting my travels and the other one is not on a specific topic, but I use it share my experiences and thoughts.

How and when did you start vlogging?

My first video was posted during the month of Nov 2017 on the travel channel. Before going into the details of vlogging, I want to share few things about my experiences with internet and blogging. I was one of the early users of internet in Kerala. I was responsible for creating the first Internet village in Kerala in the year 1998. I also registered my first domain in the year 1998, thats KishoreAsokan.com. Even a big change in my life,

Introduce your vlogging gadgets and editor?

My first video was shot on iPhone, edited using the iMovie and uploaded from the phone itself. Now i use EOS R and have different lenses.

You are a Malayali, then why are you doing videos in English?

Not learnt Malayalam language

A global man

Comfortable in English

Can you explain little more about abroad traffic and income? Comparing with local traffic?

Youtube or Adsense has lots of hidden systems



Profile of the viewer

How to get sponsorships for our channel?

I have never approched anybody for a sponsorship. I do talk to people to get permissions to do a video and most of them are very happy and help.

Who is your favorite MALAYALAM YouTube vlogger?

I like many Malayalam YouTubers, but the Ebadu Rahman is a person who really impressed me for his simplicity and honesty.

5 tips to new YouTubers?

Tipic of your Channel

  • Entertainment

  • Daily Vlogs

  • Technology Vlogs

  • Travel Vlogs

  • Marketing a Product

Start with basics, Don't invest

Don't start a YouTube channel because you feel that you can make quick money out of this

Identify what you have and how you can share it with the world

Always be natural

Managing Negativity