Channel Plans

Announcement - No more videos on diabetes on Kishore Vlogs

I have been posting videos regularly on 2 channels, first one is the travel vlog and the other one is my lifestyle vlog. In the travel channel, I post videos of my travel, places I visit, places to eat and so on. On the other lifestyle vlog, which I named as Kishore Vlogs is not really a focused one, but most of the videos are on fighting diabetes, tips for new YouTubers, Self Improvement, my real life stories and current affairs.

The most successful videos are on fighting diabetes which is all about sharing my experiences on fighting diabetes for almost 2 decades. I had started a channel on fighting diabetes more than a year back, but discontinued posting videos on that channel instead I posted those videos on Kishore Vlogs.

Looking into the views and popularity of the videos related to fighting diabetes, I have decided to stop posting any videos related to fighting diabetes on Kishore Vlogs, instead I will restart posting videos on my old fighting diabetes channel which will be fully focused on diabetes, fitnesses and health tips.